Our team provides integrated real estate services that assist you in identifying the best viable use of your real estate assets. We take charge of owner representation, manage the construction of your new property or the renovation of an existing one, provide technical consultancy throughout the entire process and conduct feasibility studies of any type of buildings.

Owner Representation

We act on behalf of our clients vis-a-vis all Greek authorities and applications. We ensure that our clients’ best interests are represented in every decision and in each stage of the construction process.

Feasibility Studies

We conduct feasibility studies for various income-generating real estate projects whether touristic, residential or commercial. Our studies, which are based on sound data and analytics, ensure that your investment is safe and will generate the expected income.

Technical Consultancy

Our interdisciplinary team has the required expertise to provide you with balanced and high-level technical services and advise you throughout your project from renovations, conversions and maintenance, to building inspection projects.

Construction Management

InSite’s skilled team manages construction and renovation works from conceptual design and license to key in hand. Whatever the scale of the project, our engineers and project managers always attend to our clients’ specific needs.